Startup is hard as hell Get all the support you need to fuck up less and win more Join 50Folds to get the knowledge, support and network you don't have (yet)

Every year thousands of startups are abandoned after 3 months by accelerator factories.


What’s the deal

“A startup isn’t just for a batch, it’s for life.”
For lifetime support, our incentive is 4% of the same equity you have.
We don’t invest pocket money like an accelerator as we’re more like cofounders.
Simply put, we don’t make a dime unless you make a pile of $.

Startup is hard as hell. Get all the support you need to fuck up less and win more

Join 50Folds to get the knowledge, support and network you don’t have (yet)

What do startups get being part of 50Folds?

These are some of the reasons founders choose to join 50Folds:


You get access to a global network of over 100 mentors and friends who will give you specialty guidance on your pressing questions and issues. Our network is across geographies, sectors and levels of seniority. This isn’t the dregs you typically find… just saying.


What you know is good, who you know is better. Only it help to know a few more people than you do already. 50Folds network helps you get to know who you need to know or leverage our name to access the people we don’t know but you need to.

Access to funds

If you’re idea of fundraising help is a 4 minute pitch in front of investors, then you’ll love us. We think demoday is bullshit.
We work with founders to make their model, deck and learn to pitch. When you are ready we email the Partners at the firms that make sense personally. We then will even write term sheets and advise on SHA terms.

Emotional support

This may sound sappy and lame, but only to someone who has never been a founder. Real founders know what loneliness is, having no one they can confide in, particularly before the first FTE. With 50Folds you have someone to Skype, Slack or Whatsapp at midnight on Halloween when ‘normal’ people are out getting drunk and being mediocre.

Execution support

We will help you figure out your business model and execution strategy, review your SEO, set KPIs (And kick your ass every week to hit them), give product feedback, help recruit a cofounder. We need you to succeed, so actually help you get shit done (till you dont’ need help anymore- hopefully).

1 -on- 1 Training

Classes and presentations are a waste of time, what you care about is how things apply to you. The problem is you need to keep learning, and there isn’t a class for that. We do things one on one. to get to the point. This is not a MBA- it’s life long learning.

The support process

Every startup in 50Folds goes through consistent process of discovery

Do something worth solving

Every ‘tip and trick’ in the world founders love to learn is irrelevant if strategy and business model don’t make sense. You need to work through unit economics, scalable acquisition channels (vs LTV), sales cycles and product MVP definition before you execute properly. Only this is double-Dutch to almost everyone.

The first thing we do with founders is define and fix their strategy to ensure what they are working on solves the following:

  • Solves a problem
  • Solution is worth it
  • Market is a substantial opportunity
  • The business model works (currently correct)
  • Traction and KPI are right
  • Team structure enables results