Global incubator and [anti]accelerator

I give you a large piece of paper, and I ask you to fold it over again, and then again, and again, until you have refolded the original paper 50 times. How tall do you think the final stack is going to be? …the real answer is that the height of the stack would approximate the distance to the sunMalcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

From poetry that can inspire, a plane that can soar, to the transformation of origami; it is amazing what you can achieve with a single sheet of paper.

And so it is with great businesses, all originating with a single great idea on a single piece of paper, albeit with twists, turns and sweat. From tiny acorns do great oaks make.

50Folds believes that astonishing things can be accomplished exponentially with the right people, resources, network and exertions.

Indeed, an idea on paper, folded 50 times will reach the sun. Join us.